Planning Ahead

Client Payment Issues: Payments are due in full prior or on the day of the delivery.

Venue Restrictions: Some event venues may have specific rules and restrictions on the use of balloons, such as ceiling height limitations or balloon releases.

We require 2 hours minimum for setup. It's your responsibility to confirm with the venue to ensure that 2 hours minimum for setup is possible.

Venue Cleanup: Some event venues require cleanup. If the event is not local, a cleanup fee will be required and will be reflected on your invoice.

Venue Access: Challenges in gaining access to the event venue at the scheduled time can disrupt your setup timeline.

Transportation Issues: Problems with your transportation vehicle (e.g., a flat tire or breakdown) can hinder your ability to deliver balloons on time.

Weather Conditions: Outdoor events are vulnerable to weather conditions like wind, rain, or extreme heat, which can affect the balloons' durability and presentation.

Safety Concerns: Balloons can pose safety hazards if not handled properly, such as potential choking hazards for children.

Allergies: Attendees with latex allergies may be present at the event, necessitating non-latex balloon alternatives and careful management.

Currently, balloon vendors do not provide vast options for non-latex balloons.